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A family-owned custom fabricating and machining facility in eastern South Dakota

CUSTOM LASER CUTTING People have always wanted to go above and beyond what has been written in stone, and the laser is equipped to do just that. Efficient and precise, it sets out to widen metal’s potential in a world that demands value. We give our clients the leverage they need by fabricating products in the most time-efficient way possible. This low-cost process eliminates the difference between having an idea and making it marketable. With that in mind, Newfab HB operates one of the most versatile laser-cutting technologies in the business. Tapping, marking and forming sheet metal parts become one simple run for the sheet laser/punch combo, while simple profiles are cut with another sheet laser on the side.
SHEET LASER/PUNCH COMBO Trying our best to be your one stop job shop, we have added a laser/punch combo. On top of cutting any profile with the laser, the laser/combo is capable to tap, mark, or form your sheet metal parts.
SHEET LASER Certain parts are done more efficient on our sheet laser. Having the right machines for all jobs makes us more versatile and efficient.