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A family-owned custom fabricating and machining facility in eastern South Dakota

About US We are a team of managers, welders, and machine operators with a mutual appreciation of espressos. Living communally in a small village of domestic tranquility, we practice a quiet lifestyle based on sharing. If you find yourself puzzling over our unique attire, we wear suspenders both practically and traditionally; and despite our obvious embrace of modern technology, prefer a simple family life, void of media frenzy and style. This bond keeps our disagreements few and mild, and the association eases into our work, making us a well organized line of production and assembly. We are all extensions of each other, picking up where the other leaves off. It’s this constant interaction that leaves us prepared to undertake some tremendous tasks. Since our clients all have something to sell, something worthy of durability and function, we build to apply it to real life. Our world is far from perfect, and people’s goals far from aligned, but we have chosen to work together, making functional appliances that get more people on equal ground, ultimately connecting great thinking to great opportunity. So, leaning on each other's tasks and expertise, we build together, as a family, the things that you believe will make the world a more whole place. Having established that we stand for much more than manufacturing and good coffee, we’d be happy to sate any lingering curiosity in person. Over an espresso, of course.